Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Under the aegis of Intellectual Property Education Centre (IPEC)

Module    I   -   The Pharmaceutical Business

Module   II   -   The Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Module  III   -   Intellectual Property Rights: introduction

Module   IV  -   IPR - With specific reference to Pharmaceuticals

Module   V   -   IPR - Indian Patent Scenario

Module   VI  -  Case Paper (50 Marks)     

Course Duration: 6 Months

About Course

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is conducting an Online Certificate Course on IPR and Pharmaceutical R&D.


To provide the platform to understand the working of pharmaceutical industry, its business models, research, regulatory aspects and its relevance with respect to intellectual property rights.

Importance Of The Course

Pharmaceutical industry is a research based industry and requires scientists in huge numbers every year. The growing pharmaceutical R&D operations fuel the need for understanding IPR (Intellectual property rights) for pharmacy graduates and those in research. IPR is important in this era of globalization and competition.

The current academic syllabus of pharmacy courses do not provide adequate knowledge about the research activities in the pharmaceutical industry, the business models, intellectual property rights and their relevance in research (Pharma R & D) and business environment which is global and highly competitive.

This course is aimed to fulfill these requirements and is designed for pharmacy students and junior level scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.

Unique Features

  • State-of-the-art course material designed to provide details about pharmaceutical R&D and its correlation to IPR.
  • First course dedicated to the pharmaceutical research and IPR.
  • The course is designed considering pharmaceutical students, who wish to enter pharmaceutical industry and junior level scientists, who wish to have deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Course also involves three different competitions at different levels (After 2 months; After 4 months and Case paper competition, which is module 6). The winner of each competition would receive certificate of appreciation and an award of Rs. 5000/-.
  • The contents are easy to understand, written by industry experts, experts from academia.
  • Online support for queries.
  • Fortnightly IPR Updates to participants

Course Methodology:

This is an online course of 6 months duration. The students would be provided with one module in first 5 months and the sixth module is based on case study. The students are required to study the 5 modules and need to prepare a case study based on the learnings and contents of the course.


At the end of sixth month there would be an online examination and certificates would be issued to the successful candidates.

Training Materials

Module I - The Pharmaceutical Business

Innovator vs generics, MNC Pharma companies: Working; Functionalities; Sales; List, Generic Pharma: Working; Functionalities; Sales; List, Formulations and API, Regulated markets/ SRMs/ LDCs, Indian Pharma industry, Pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions

Module II - The Pharmaceutical Research and Development

The research and development activities: Drug Discovery and Clinical Research, Formulation optimization, Product development in generics

Module III - Intellectual Property Rights: introduction

Legal basis of IPR: National, International and global considerations, Intellectual property: What it is?, Different types of IP rights, Intellectual property as an intangible asset, Advantages of intellectual property rights for organization, Intellectual property rights and competition Law, Freedom to operate, Regulatory affairs vs IPR

Module IV - IPR - With specific reference to Pharmaceuticals

Patents: How is related with Drug discovery and Generics, Trademarks, Industrial design, Geographical indications, Copyrights, Trade secrets, Licensing and technology transfer

Module V - IPR - Indian Patent Scenario

Patents act, 1970, Patent examples – Countrywise separations, Patent searches

Module VI - Case Paper (50 Marks)

Eligibility/ Who Should Register

  • Any student in pharmacy/ pharmaceutical sciences faculty doing (B. Pharm, M. Pharm, PhD).
  • Pharmaceutical industry persons (junior levels).
  • Those interested in career in pharmaceutical research from the faculty of Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biosciences, Sciences, Life sciences and others.
  • Those willing to enter Pharmaceutical R & D, Formulations, Generics, NDDS, Regulatory affairs, Drug discovery, Clinical research, Toxicology, International Business, Business strategy and the like.

Course Fees :

For Students: Rs 10,000/-

For Industry Professionals : Rs. 15,000/-

Course Duration: 6 Months